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Exhale Pelvic Health


We specialize in working with moms immediately postpartum to support recovery from childbirth. Regardless of the type of delivery or complications present, a visit with an obstetric trained physical therapist can set moms off on the right track to recovery and decrease the risk of long term pain and dysfunction. Your physical therapist will take an extensive history regarding your pregnancy and labor, perform a physical assessment including basic strength and your current level of pain, and begin to teach you how to move safely and care for your new baby while also caring for your body. 

We also treat women during pregnancy and later in their postpartum recovery. A telehealth or home health visit can be used to assess and manage pain, prepare for birth, pelvic floor, core, or general strengthening, as well as management of incontinence or diastasis recti. 

Beyond pregnancy and postpartum, we treat all types of pelvic floor dysfunction, and offer telehealth consults as well as in home visits to all women. These visits can address pelvic pain including pain with intercourse or incontinence. 



Hannah Poe, PT, DPT


Hannah has worked with patients during pregnancy or postpartum since 2011, and started performing immediate postpartum sessions to decrease risk of long term complications in 2017. Hannah has 3 young children. Since the birth of her oldest child in 2015, Hannah has observed the gap in care provided to women postpartum, and the urgent need to improve the resources we provide during the postpartum period. Her passion is to improve the experience of all moms during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Hannah has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Georgia Southern University in Savannah (previously known as Armstrong Atlantic State University). She also has an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Georgia. Hannah has completed extensive post doctoral training in pelvic floor physical therapy, pregnancy and postpartum care. She has a Certificate of Achievement in Obstetric Physical Therapy (CAPP-OB) from the American Physical Therapy Association Section of Women’s Health Physical Therapy.

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